The Collective plant

Dig into the best tasting yog grown on earth.
Made from a blend of oats, coconut and rice, it’s thick, creamy and totally dreamy. For yoghurt lovers seeking a plant based choice without compromise!

our full range

our unique blend

The finest yoghurt is made from the finest milk.
We’re talking about a rather special plant-based milk, that was over two years in the making. We milked a serious number of plants (never thought we’d ever say that) and to find the perfect balance of taste and texture. Eventually creating a unique blend of oats, coconut and rice, which, when fermented with live cultures (just like a traditional yoghurt) creates a deliciously thick, creamy and totally dreamy flavour.

making smarter choices

Packaging material is an important part of our sustainability journey, so our yoghurt pots are made from 100% recycled content and our lids can be put into your kerb side
recycling to be fully recycled. We’re constantly hard at
work to improve our carbon footprint and are incredibly
proud to be a certified B Corp.