The Collective kitchen

Here at The Collective, we’re a bunch of foodies obsessed with great taste. That’s why we’ve created The Collective kitchen, a home of all our favourite recipes made by the team here using our Straight Up natural yoghurt.

recipes from our team

It won’t come as a surprise that many of our team are a dab hand when it comes to creatin’ recipes. Browse below for inspiration from our team, or if you can‘t decide, simply grab a tub of Straight Up and make the recipe you find under the lid!

straight up monster muffins

straight up miso baba ganoush

straight up tahini dip

The Collective kitchen recipe by Katie

Katie’s straight up garlic marinade

The Collective kitchen recipe by Fiona

Fi’s straight up panna cotta

The Collective kitchen recipe by Ofer

Ofer’s harissa yoghurt dip

The Collective kitchen recipe by Amelia

Amelia’s straight up brekkie smoothie

The Collective kitchen recipe by Emma

Emma’s straight up chunky guacamole

The Collective kitchen recipe by Susie

Susie’s zingy coronation chicken

The Collective kitchen recipe by Rosie

Rosie’s turmeric banana smoothie

The Collective kitchen recipe by Holly

Holly’s carrot overnight oats

Not got any Straight Up? Don’t worry, you can head to our store locator below to find your local stockist, or if you can’t get Straight Up in your local area, then head to our blackboard where you can find all sorts of other recipes using our flavoured yoghurts.

findin' straight up

We wish we could be everywhere and we're working on it store by store! To make it easy to track down our delicious dairy we have created a nifty store locator. We try and keep this bang up-to-date but changes can happen, so if you’re travelling far just get in touch and we can do a quick double check for you.


share your creations

We know there’s loads of budding foodies out there who love great taste just as much as we do. Please share any creations you make using Straight Up with us, using the hashtag #thecollectivekitchen and you never know, we might just have to treat you!