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At The Collective we’re all about making things better, it’s part of our DNA! So much so, we’ve made it our brand promise, to help the collective (that’s everyone).

So, what does that mean? We are a collective of people who are striving to do better in everything we do. Whether that’s creating ridiculously tasty and nutritious yoghurts, because everyone deserves great food, or thinking about how we can have a better impact on the planet, people, and all the communities we work with.


Scroll down to see our sustainability journey so far and how we plan to keep doing better, bit by bit!


it's clear we're 
going   greener


oct '23

Bcorp score.png

our biggest
B Corp score yet

Every three years a B Corp brand or business needs to go through recertification to ensure it continues to meet the highest standards for people, products and the planet. We were over the moon to receive a whopping score of 104.5 (the highest for any yoghurt brand!). We’re so proud of our progress but there’s still so much more to do so watch this space as we work together to create an even bigger impact.

recycle at supermarket

Recycling our packaging is super important to all of us, so we’ve made it a li’l easier for everyone! Supermarkets up and down the UK are now accepting flexible plastics such as our Suckies pouches. All you need to do is search for a collection point near you and drop them off!


Find your nearest recycling location here.


june '22


feb '22

impact report.png

our impact report

We care deeply about the community around us, from our employees, the charities we support, our lovely yoghurt fans, to the farms where our tasty products are created. As we grow as a business, we know there is much more to do to drive great change for people and the planet, and to use our business as a force for good. Therefore, we decided to write The Collective’s impact report so our community can be informed of the work we are doing to meet our promise.

carbon neutral

We are so proud to say that we produced the UK’s 1st carbon neutral dairy yoghurt. For the planet and for the world of dairy this is BIG news. We announced that we are committed to making all our products carbon neutral by 2025 & this is the first step of that epic journey to live our promise of Eat Better. Do better. We have worked with our friends at Climate Partner to offset all carbon emissions that are generated in the production of our Blended yoghurt.


sep '21


may '21

widely recyclable


a better lid

a lid’l means a lot

Our iconic black lids went on an extended holiday as part of our ‘eat better, do better’ promise. Although the pioneering black pigment lids were detectable and fully recyclable at recycling plants, they were often experiencing a case of mistaken identity and were counted as non-recyclable which made things a lil’ tricky. Our clear lids are widely recyclable at kerbside (from your home) and won’t get sent to landfill, hooray! We haven’t stopped there either, we’re always looking out for better packaging choices so watch this space.

introducin’ 100% recycled tubs

When we launched our Plant yogs, we knew it was important to make the range the best in every way, in taste and its impact on the environment. That’s why we introduced 100% recycled plastic tubs. We are planning for all tubs to contain recycled plastic in the future, so look out for updates. But for now, pop your tub back into the recycling and who knows what it will become next!


jan '21

a better tub


aug '20



oh hello Enval scheme!

We know how important recycling our packaging is. That’s why we teamed up with our friends at Enval to help everyone recycle our Suckies pouches. Enval has a unique process that splits packaging into aluminium and plastic, making it much easier to reuse the materials for other things. It’s been a great initiative and now we’ve moved to even more sustainable pouch materials to make recycling from home even easier.

B Corp!

We are very proud to be a part of an ever-growing group of businesses from around the world who, like us, believe in using business as a force for good. Being kind to people and the planet has always been engrained in our values, but now we’re a B Corp it means we’re part of something bigger.


june '20


oct '18


better lid

detectable dye, making our black lids recyclable

pioneering pigment

Black plastic is known for its problems with its recyclability. This is because the majority of black plastic contains a carbon black pigment in order to give it that black colour. Unfortunately, this pigment isn’t currently detected by the infrared sensors in recycling plants when the mixed plastics are sorted, and therefore sadly black plastic is usually sent to landfill or incineration. Not cool! We were very proud to be at the forefront of leading change and were officially the first food and drink brand to launch a special detectable black lid to stop these going into landfill.

our lids are a gonner!

Our first pledge as part of our mission to do better was to reduce single use plastic. Therefore, we were chuffed to announce that all our small gourmet 150g tubs no longer contained a lid or spoon. This saved over 35 tonnes of plastic per year (the same as 80 grand pianos).


aug '18


better packaging




want to know more?

Take a li’l look at our FAQ page – there is heaps of info on there, from recycling tips to where our products are made. Or, why not get in touch and one of our team will get back to you as soon as possible.

our plan for beyond 2024 


sep '24

RPET lids on gourmet

We’re planning on making the change to RPET lids on our gourmet range to reduce packaging carbon emissions.



100% carbon neutral

We’re working hard to hit our goal of being 100% carbon neutral with the support of our friends at Climate Partner. 



keep going greener

We will be continuing to improve our carbon and sustainability footprint through supporting regenerative farming and other initiatives (watch this space!).

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