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  • What about allergies and ingredients?
    We list all allergens in bold in our ingredients list on our packs. Dairy All of our dairy products are made from pasteurised cow’s milk. Our Gourmet live yoghurt, Straight Up unsweetened yoghurt, Kefir cultured yoghurt drinks and tubs, kids Suckies and Puds pouches are all gluten free. Some flavours do contain pasteurised whole free range egg but we will say if it does Our Gourmet live yoghurts, Straight Up unsweetened yoghurt, Kefir cultured yoghurt tubs, and kids Suckies pouches are produced in nut free dairies. Our Kefir drinks are made in a factory that also handles nuts. Dairy-free Our dairy-free yog are made in a segregated facility so are vegan certified. Our Dairy-free products contain gluten from oats.
  • Is your dairy-free range vegan?
    Yes! All of our dairy-free yoghurts (both dairy free blended tubs and suckies) are certified by The Vegan Society meaning they reach specified standards. 
  • Can I order your products online?
    We no longer have a shop of our own, but you can get your hands on our lip-smackin’ range via a range of stockists including Tesco, Sainsbury’s, Waitrose, Ocado, Co-op, Booths and more. Take a peek at the full list here (add links to retailers and to stockist page).
  • Are your ingredients natural?
    Yes. We’re all about quality here at The Collective and our choice of ingredients really matters to us. Our yoghurts are all: Free from artificial colours, flavours and preservatives – no nasties! Suitable for vegetarians (and dairy-free range suitable for vegans) Free from GMOs and palm oil
  • Is it safe to eat your yoghurts when pregnant?
    All of our yoghurts are made with pasteurised milk which means they’re safe to eat during pregnancy. If we use egg in any of our recipes, rest assured, it is ‘free range whole egg’ and pasteurised too. We would advise talking to your doctor if you are concerned or unsure.
  • Where are your delicious yogs made?
    Dairy Our Gourmet, Suckies and Greek Style pouches are made in Somerset using milk from the West Country at farms approved by the ‘Red Tractor Farm Assurance Dairy Scheme’. Our Kefir yoghurts are made by a family-owned dairy in a small village in North Wales surrounded by the beautiful Clwydian Hills. High quality milk is sourced within 20 miles of the dairy from family run farms. As always, we have chosen milk from farms which have Red Tractor certification. Dairy-free You will be happy to hear that our dairy-free range is made in its own dedicated dairy-free factory in Chester with strict processes in place that also meet Vegan Society certification standards. If you’d like to find out more, please get in touch with our friendly team!
  • Are your yogs suitable for young children?
    Our gourmet yoghurts are sweetened with honey so therefore would not recommend giving them to children under one year of age. Some of our flavours also contain seeds so please be mindful of that when considering giving them to younger children. Our kefir is made from pasteurised milk and from an ingredients point of view there are no nasties, but the vanilla flavour does contain honey and therefore isn't suitable for children under 12 months. For our younger yog lovers, our kids Suckies and no added sugar Suckies pouches are sweetened only with sugars from fruit. No honey, no seeds and no pips but please be careful with our Suckies cap, as this is made from small parts and little people could choke. Please remove the cap completely and do not leave children under 36 months unsupervised with our Suckies.
  • How quickly do I need to eat your yoghurts after peelin’ off the lid?
    We don’t think they’ll linger long in your fridge but here’s some handy info to know in case you want to savour the moment. All of our yogs should be kept chilled and consumed by their use by date which can be found on the seal or lid of our pots and on the back of our pouches. We wouldn’t recommend freezing any of our range. Big pots of gourmet yoghurt, dairy-free, straight up and Kefir should be eaten within 3 days of opening, but don’t forget to reseal the lid! Snackable 150g gourmet and dairy free pots should be consumed on opening (go on, treat yourself!) Kids Suckies and Brekkie pouches and our new Greek Style pouch should be eaten within one day of opening.
  • So what does ‘live yoghurt’ actually mean?
    All of our yoghurts contain live cultures. We add them after pasteurisation to ensure optimal creaminess and tastiness. As for any health benefits, scientific research is ongoing, but you can always see if it works for you. Our Dairy-free yogs also contain live cultures. We use dairy free cultures made up of the following strains: L. bulgaricus, S. thermophilus. These strains are cultures normally found in yoghurt, but these ones prefer and are suitable for non-dairy products.
  • Is your packaging recyclable?
    As a B Corp, we’re always workin’ hard to make positive changes for people and the planet. Following the mantra of reduce, reuse, recycle, we actively encourage you to recycle our pots and pouches as much as you can. Here’s how… Gourmet yoghurts (big ’n’ small pots), Straight Up and Kefir: Tub – widely recyclable from home Film – not yet recyclable Lid on big pots – recyclable from home Dairy-Free yoghurts (big pots): Tub – made with rPET plastic and widely recyclable from home Film - not yet recyclable Lid – recyclable from home Suckies & Brekkie Pouches: Cap – not yet recyclable Pouch – recyclable from supermarket points (check here for your local facility) We think reusing is a great way of recycling and as our tubs are free from BPA they’re great for anything from soup to storing bits and bobs in your kitchen. Don’t forget to also rinse your tubs before you recycle.
  • I’ve noticed you’re a B Corp – what does this mean?
    Great spot! As a B Corp certified business we’re always workin’ hard to do better for people and the planet. You can check out more about what it means and the great stuff we’re doing here (link to B Corp page).
  • How do I edit or remove the 'Frequently Asked Questions' title?
    You can edit the title from the FAQ 'Settings' tab in the Editor. To remove the title from your mobile app go to the 'Site & App' tab in your Owner's app and customize.
  • I can see that your yoghurts are carbon neutral – how does that work?
    We’re chuffed to say that we’re on a carbon neutral journey and have been working hard to reduce our carbon footprint over the last few years. Most recently, our Brekkie kids pouches launched in kerbside recyclable packaging and joined our line up of carbon neutral products and our aim is to be fully carbon neutral by 2025 *eek*. We work closely with Climate Partner to offset the carbon emissions used in the production of our yoghurts. Climate Partner help us find amazing projects, both in the UK and worldwide, which support environmental initiatives such as wind farms, planting trees and supply of clean drinking water. You can find out more about these projects here. (Link to Climate Partner page). You might also like to checkout our most recent impact report (link to Impact Report page) which goes into more detail about the great stuff we’re doing and the challenges ahead.
  • Why can’t I recycle your pouches?
    We’re on a journey to do better for both people and the planet, so it’s important for us to ensure our packaging is as environmentally friendly as possible. We are currently working on our recycling system for Suckies and, as we know, it is not yet perfect. There are many ways in which it can be made better as we continue to be and do better for the environment. For now, our pouches can be recycled at recycling points in store. We recommend using the website RecycleNow ( which allows you to find a location where you can take the pouches to, based on your post code. 
  • Do you source your milk and other ingredients in a sustainable way?
    We are committed to buying local ingredients and turning them into delicious yogs in the UK. Our dairy yoghurts are 100% UK manufactured with British milk and our dairy free range is also 100% UK manufactured using British oats. We continue to support local independent producers in the West Country, Yorkshire and North Wales, some of which are in rural areas which can have limited job opportunities, so we consolidated our production with those great teams.
  • I’ve got a great flavour idea! How can I share this with you?
    Our eyes ‘n’ ears are always open so please send any flavour or product ideas our way – we’ll make sure they reach our Product Team (and you never know, it might make an appearance on a supermarket shelf one day!). Drop us a line here. (Link to contact page)
  • There’s a problem with one of your products. What do I do?
    We’re sorry to hear this but we’d love to find out more so we can help find some answers. Please reach out to us via this contact form. (Link to contact page) Please keep hold of the packaging if you can as the use-by details are always helpful.
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