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The Collective Dairy-free

Made from a unique blend of British oats and silky coconut, it’s delectably thick, ridiculously creamy and totally dreamy. For yog lovers seeking a dairy-free choice without compromise. Join the Collective.
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our unique blend

The finest yoghurt is made from the finest milk.
We’re talking about a rather special plant-based milk, that was over two years in the making. We milked a serious number of plants (never thought we’d ever say that) and to find the perfect balance of taste and texture. Eventually creating a unique blend of oats and coconut, which, when fermented with live cultures (just like a traditional yoghurt) creates a deliciously thick, creamy and totally dreamy flavour.

making smarter choices

We believe we can use our ridiculously tasty yoghurts as a force for good, because everyone deserves great food that helps them eat healthily and have a better impact on the world around them. Packaging material is an important part of our sustainability journey, so our yoghurt pots are made from 100% recycled content and our lids can be put into your kerb side recycling to be fully recycled. Our dairy-free range is also carbon neutral *woop*. We have partnered with Climate Partner to offset our carbon footprint. Check out how much carbon has been offset here

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