protein for every goal

We get it – you’re busy! It’s not easy trying to figure out what’s going to be best for your body at any given time, and for any given purpose, whether you’re trying to slim-down, tone-up, fuel a hardcore training plan or just power through a busy day.

By ensuring you consume a bit of protein in every meal and snack, you’ll be sure to meet your daily needs and keep your body fuelled up and ready to take on anything.

Try to get variety in your protein intake to boost the different types of amino acids. Just make sure you’re getting enough protein to support your busy lifestyle!

We asked nutritionist Rhiannon Lambert to help explain the different types of protein and what they’re great for, so you can make some easy decisions about what you need to be at your very best.

For Energy

Animal-based: Yoghurt
Whey, the protein found in cow’s milk, is perfect for busy days, because it’s quickly-digested to provide a quick refuelling-hit when your body needs it most. Need a pre- or post-workout snack, or just something to power you through a big day? Whey’s your guy. Get a good hit from one of The Collective Pro-yo pouches.

Plant-based: Quinoa
Packed with more protein than any other grain and rich in amino acids, quinoa makes the perfect energy boost. It is also high in folate, magnesium, phosphorus and manganese, making it a nutrient-packed source of protein for long-lasting energy levels.

For weight maintenance
Animal-based: Chicken breast
Chicken breast is a lean source of protein – it’s low in calories and fat, and higher in protein.1

Plant-based: Tofu
Tofu is lower in calories than some animal-based protein sources but still high in protein, so swapping meat for tofu at meal time is a nifty way to help lower your daily caloric intake.



For gaining muscle
Animal-based: Salmon
Protein isn’t the only ingredient for gaining muscle. People who have a moderate cholesterol intake typically have better muscle gains than those on a low-cholesterol diet, regardless of their protein intake. Salmon contains 55mg of cholesterol in 100g, which is known to improve ‘good’ cholesterol levels and aid muscle repair.

Plant-based: Chickpeas
Chickpeas = carbs + protein. This combination has been shown to aid muscle growth. That’s some powerful peas!

For brain power
Animal-based: Milk
Milk contains whey and casein proteins, which can provide us with a host of benefits and essential amino acids. The amino acid Tryptophan, found in milk, acts as a mood regulator as it can balance certain hormones naturally. It is also linked to improved sleep which is where the age old glass of milk before bed comes in!

Plant-based: Cashew nuts
Cashew nuts are a good source of protein and are packed with minerals like iron, zinc and have added benefits from healthy fats. A portion of about 30g of cashew nuts makes for an energy-boosting snack.

Article from Rhiannon Lambert, Registered Harley Street Nutritionist, BSc MSc ANutr. Check out her website, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or YouTube.

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