how much protein do i need?

Now that we’re clued-up on how protein works with the body, and have stocked-up on the must-have ingredients, it’s time to start meal-planning. The first step to getting the right amount of protein into your diet is understanding how much you need, and when to eat it. This all depends on your body’s unique make-up, your lifestyle and activity levels, but nutritionist Rhiannon Lambert has given us a crash-course in understanding the basics.

The basics
The average UK adult should eat 0.75g of protein daily for each kilogram they weigh (based on the Reference Nutrient Intake, or RNI).
So, if you weigh 70kg (11 stone), you’ll need about 52.5g of protein each day.

What if I’m working out?
If you’re a super-fit gym bunny, first of all – go you! Secondly, you’ll need a bit more protein in your diet to make up for all that hard work you’re putting your body through. As a general rule, it’s good to aim to eat at least 1g of protein per kilogram of body weight over the course of your day.

What does 50g of protein actually look like?
It’s all very well telling someone they need to consume 50g of protein, but what does this actually look like as a portion? There is a handy rule-of-thumb to go by: the protein-palm. 50g of protein is roughly a palm-sized portion of meat, dairy, fish, tofu or nuts.

In other words, that’s roughly…
2 large chicken breasts,
8 large eggs plus
Almost 2 cans of chickpeas!
… or 3.5 Pro-Yo pouches!

Article from Rhiannon Lambert, Registered Harley Street Nutritionist, BSc MSc ANutr. Check out her website, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or YouTube.

How much protein do you need?

Rhiannon Lambert