Win a bike

win a scoot-athlon!
+ meet the Brownlee Bros.

Your chance to win a scooting ‘n’ running event for your school + meet brothers and double Olympic medal-winning triathletes, Alistair and Jonny Brownlee. Get voting!

what do you win?

A scoot-athlon event at your school run by The Collective which will include:

A scooting ’n’ running event for your whole school* run by The Collective including scooters and helmets for the day from our friends at Micro Scooters.

The chance to meet The Brownlee Brothers either on the day of your event at your school, or alternative time and place suitable for your school, The Brownlee Brothers and The Collective or a classroom visit to The Brownlee Centre in Leeds.**

All equipment will be provided and each pupil will receive a t-shirt to wear while taking part and a Suckies pouch to enjoy after all the fun.

what is a


A scoot-athlon is a mini duathlon for kids... it’s all about getting active ’n’ having loads of fun. It’s ideal for those aged 4-10 years old.

Kids who want to join in will complete one lap of scooting, followed by one lap of running, which is the perfect distance to make it a little challenging, but a lot of fun!

what facilities
are needed


You will need an area accessible to your school that is suitable for holding a scooting and running event.

You will need permission from the appropriate teacher(s) at your school to get their thumbs up about holding the event should you win. More about school registration below.

what about
the scoot-astic
runner-up prizes


If you miss out on our main prize we’ve also got loads of scoot-tastic runner-up prizes too...

Your very own Micro Scooter!
(30 Micro Scooters up for grabs)

The Collective Suckies yoghurt pouches for your school
(500 x 100g Suckies max.)

*Please see terms and conditions for maximum participants. **We’ll do our very best to organise the event with your school so that The Brownlee Brothers can be there in person on the day. However it takes a lot of training and dedication to be double Olympic medal-winning triathletes, so we need to work around Al and Jonny’s training schedule. If for any reason they cannot be there on the date of the scoot-athlon event, then we will try and arrange a time where they can visit your school or a suitable meeting point at an agreed date. If that isn’t possible, we will contribute to a classroom travelling up to The Brownlee Centre in Leeds to meet The Brownlee Brothers. See terms and conditions for more details.

get your school on board

In order to win the main prize we need a big thumbs up from your school, firstly so we know your teachers are happy for us to put on the event and secondly that there are the facilities needed. Download our handy scoot-formation pack below for everything you’ll need including a fact sheet for your teachers and a poster to encourage everyone in school to vote and up your chances of winning!

check out our scoot-formation pack

download >

spread the word = get more votes!

Improve your chances of winning by spreading the word with other parents and classmates, teachers, family and friends – the more votes your school gets, the higher your chances of winning!

*Please see terms and conditions for details.

our latest contenders!

Here's the latest schools to register and kick off their voting to win a scoot-athlon! Get your school on board for your chance to win a scoot 'n' run day of fun at your school and meet The Brownlee Brothers.

  • Shrewsbury Cathedral Catholic Primary School and Nursery
  • Taxal and Fernilee CofE Primary School
  • Damers First School
  • Westfield Primary School and Nursery

keep fuelled up and active!

In between voting and keeping a close eye on the leader board why not get in training just incase the scoot-athlon comes to your school?! The Collective for kids has a load of tasty yoghurt to keep your little ones fuelled for anything.