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Win a bike

defibs ‘n’ plums

Our latest limited edition yoghurt is very close to our hearts, it’s dedicated to the memory of our co-founder, Mike Hodgson. In Mike’s honour, we are donating 5p from every tub purchased to go towards helping The Community Heartbeat Trust place life-saving defibrillators into at least 10 retired telephone boxes nationwide.

mike's story

Mike, co-founder of The Collective UK, tragically passed away in August 2015 after suffering a sudden cardiac arrest while biking in the hills of his beloved Lake District.

Mike was a big fan of plums, always making homemade plum compote for a family brekkie and putting it forwards as the next flavour to launch. So, in his memory we have created a special limited edition honeyed plum 'n' stem ginger yoghurt and we're doing some good with it.
Mike, this one's for you!

target = £20,000


raised so far!


defibrillators fitted so far thanks to you lot


Grasmere, Cumbria


Settle, North Yorkshire


Bakewell, Derbyshire


Butcombe, Somerset


Conwy, Wales


Alyth, Scotland





the Community Heartbeat Trust

We're proud to be working with the Community Heartbeat Trust, the UK's leading community defibrillator charity.

BT and the Community Heartbeat Trust work together with local communities to turn their adopted telephone boxes into medical centres, by using them as homes for Public Access Defibrillators(cPAD) that anyone can use after dialing for the emergency services, as well as providing local communities with training and education on what to do in an emergency.

Visit to find out more about how you can get involved or adopt a telephone box for your community.

bike for mike!

Mike was a big fan of cycling and in his memory in September we rode from The Hodgson family home in the Lake District down to The Collective HQ in London. This epic 350 mile ride has helped raise £17,000 for The Community Heartbeat Trust, enabling us to fit even more defibrillators - a big thank you to everyone who sponsored.

If you happen to have a red box near you that doesn't get used and would like to nominate it to be converted with a life-saving defibrillator, then let us know and we'll look into whether it can be one of our Defibs 'n' Plums phone boxes. For its conversion, the phone box does require a small amount of responsibility from the local community in terms of simple checks to ensure the defibrillator is maintained.

do you know your DrsABCD?

Getting more defibrillators into local communities is a massive step towards improving the chances of survival after a cardiac arrest. Just as important, is knowing what to do and being able to step in and assist during an emergency. This guide of what to do can be downloaded to print; stick on the fridge or keep it in your car. Visit if you would like more information.


Danger - always check the danger to you, any bystanders and then the injured or ill person.


Response - is the person conscious? Do they respond when you talk to them, touch their hands or squeeze their shoulder?

SSend for help

Send for help - call 999. Don't forget wait and answer all the questions asked by the operator.


Airway - is the person's airway clear? If their mouth is clear, gently lift their chin to tilt their head back and check for breathing.


Breathing - look for breathing (up and down chest movements). See if you can feel their breaths on your cheeck. Listen for breaths by putting your ear near to their mouth.

CChest compressions

Chest compressions - continuous, do not worry about breaths.


Defibrillator - For unconscious individuals who are not breathing, get the nearest defibrillator. Follow the advise of the 999 operator if using on children under 25Kg/7 years old.